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About the company

TLI, Technology Laboratory and Innovation Corporation has been active on the Hungarian and Romanian civil engineering market since 1996. Skilled engineers, specialists, and laboratory assistants contribute to the company’s success.

The main activities of TLI Corp. are:

  • On-site and laboratory tests
  • Writing sampling and qualification plans, technical instructions, qualification documentations
  • Engineer consultation, technological control, writing expertise
  • Development of technologies, R & D
  • Quality management of road-, bridge- and civil engineering projects
  • Repair and calibration of laboratory equipment used for road-, bridge-, and civil engineering tests and measurements
  • Certification of factory production control

Tests and measurements

The main activities are on-site and laboratory tests in the field of the civil engineering. The test are performed as process controls, or on behalf of independent specialists. The most frequent tests and measurements are:

  • Additive tests
  • Asphalt tests
  • Concrete tests
  • Bitumen test
  • Cement tests

Besides the most frequent test we are able to perform any other necessary on-site or laboratory tests for raw material, asphalt, concrete, soil, qualifying examinations within the area of civil engineering. Our on-site laboratories are installed next to the construction site.

Our well-equipped laboratories are accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Authority (NAH) in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, (registry number NAH-1-1077/2018).

Product Certifying Office

The TLI Corp. Product Certifying Office is accredited by the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) according to EN 45011:1999, (registration number NAT-6-0061/2016/K). Our corporation has the „assigned monitoring and certifying organization” certificate (131/2008). We have accreditation for product types A,B, C, D, E and EU notification for product types B, D and E. Accordingly, we are capable to certify these products types Europe-wide.

We have accreditation in the following fields according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2013, for the construction product areas according to 305/2011 EU regulation:

  • geotextiles, geomembranes and related products
  • Cement, building limes and other hydraulic binders
  • curtain walling / cladding / structural sealing glazing
  • masonry and related products, masonry units, mortars, and ancillaries
  • bituminous mixtures
  • bitumen
  • finishes
  • soil moisture insulating plates
  • roof insulating plates
  • precast concrete products
  • concrete coverings and improving materials

This year we have 96 customers, and we certify 161 sites.

We are authorized to issue certificates according to the following standards:

Geotextiles: EN 13249, EN 13250, EN 13251, EN 13252, EN 13253, EN 13254, EN 13255, EN 13256, EN 13257, EN 13265, EN 13361, EN 13362, EN 13491, EN 13492, EN 13493, EN 15382,

Concrete: EN 459-1

Masonry units: EN 771-1, EN 771-2, EN 771-3, EN 771-4, EN 771-5, EN 771-6, EN 998-2,

Additives: EN 12620[1], EN 13043, EN 13055-1, EN 13055-2, EN 13139, EN 13242, EN 13383-1, EN 13450,

Products for road construction: EN 13108-1, EN 13108-2, EN 13108-3, EN 13108-4, EN 13108-5, EN 13108-6, EN 13108-7, EN 12591, EN 13924, EN 14023, EN 13808, EN 15322, EN 12271, EN 12273,

Waterproofing plates: EN 13967, EN 13969, EN 13956,

Precast concrete products:EN 1168, EN 12737, EN 12794, EN 12843, EN 13224, EN 13225, EN 13693, EN 13747, EN 13978-1, EN 14843, EN 14844, EN 14991, EN 14992, EN 15050, EN 15258,

Concrete products: EN 14889-1, EN 14889-2, EN 1504-2, EN 1504-3, EN 1504-4, EN 1504-5, EN 1504-6, EN 1504-7,

Concrete: MSZ 4798

[1] Standards in bold and italic mean that the certification for these products have been issued for an EU member country, Slovakia, since 2014.

Engineering consulting

As part of our work, we co-operate with companies as consulting experts. We consulted on road-structure plan re-examinations, road-structure re-sizing and designing, rutted road examinations, examined malfunctions. We also undertake buildings comprehensive quality-checking. Major Hungarian constructing companies are our customers.

Designing and executing technologies

Our company developed the „DuraDens coating system”. This technology can be used as basalt-concrete coating alternative, building and renewing oil resistant coatings, heavy-duty hall open quayage coatings, constructing roads exposed to rutting, and cross creases in bus stops, toll gates, airport aprons, container terminals.

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